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Sometimes the pathway just isn't clear. So many districts, schools and educators have the desire to maximize outcomes for their multilingual learners but are not sure if what they are doing is working...or how to take it to the next level.  We help educators to find the clarity and confidence to create, communicate and evaluate district, school and classroom practices that will lead to inclusive and effective systems.

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Mission: maximize outcomes for one million multilingual learners

Welcome to UpRiver Education, a woman-owned full service education consulting firm specializing in English Learner education. We offer professional development and training around sheltered instruction, ESL, EL programming and curriculum. Our lens is asset-based, celebrating language, culture, difference and weaving in culturally and linguistically sustaining practices to all we do!

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"UpRiver Education has done phenomenal work to advance equity, accessibility and inclusion through their work with schools and districts. Their thought leadership has advanced my teaching strategies and caused me to be more intentional and impactful with my multilingual students."

Melanie B.


"UpRiver Education has always provided quality work. The programming is incredibly engaging and participants leave with many takeaways and lessons to bring back to their schools. The content has always proved to be extremely meaningful whether the educators are taken through case study scenarios or having small and/or large group discussions based on the presentation material. On another note, UpRiver Education’s presentation slides always look professional and visually appealing."

Amanda A.


"Dana Gastich French and her team bring deep experience and specialized knowledge in the field of ESL. They are responsive to work with and have always demonstrated a commitment to quality work. Dana understands the policies and regulations, bringing her direct experience in the field to her firm."

Jennifer R.





Maximize student outcomes and teacher confidence with engaging professional development and ELE program support. 



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Gain skills and knowledge targeted to your goals. Have a newcomer? Want to pass the state ESL exam? Need compliance help? Join our ESL teacher cohort, find a masterclass, or schedule 1:1 coaching!


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"The Aligned ESL Teacher Cohort modules provided great clarification for me in my role as an ESL teacher and have had a great impact on my ESL teaching, planning, and collaborating. I would recommend the cohort to both new ESL teachers as well as veteran teachers, as well as administrators or other teachers that want to understand their role in ensuring the success of ELs." - Fall, 2022 Cohort Member

The reviews are in and they are enthusiastic!
ESL teachers are connecting, building team and finding clarity and balance around their work. Will you be a part of the next cohort?

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