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We have some fun things in store for The Aligned ESL Teacher course this year!

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Tired of feeling unclear about your
ESL role?


If you feel like no matter what, you're always creating new material, and no one, including yourself, is ever clear on what you do,  you're not alone.

While the need for ESL teachers is growing, most schools don't have the ability to fully mentor and support these teachers in their roles. This can lead to a lack of clarity for everyone and a feeling of being all over the place! It's time for a change.

The Aligned ESL teacher cohort is here! Led by former ESL teacher, instructional coach and ESL program director, Dana Gastich French, you'll get live, personal support for all of your questions.  With online content and a cohort of other ESL teachers, you'll learn how to build clarity, connection, and confidence in your role to become the ESL teacher you came here to be.

I want in on this!

It's time to get in alignment and love teaching ESL



ESL Teachers need support too...

Now you can get the program that ESL teachers are LOVING, with a flexible design for summer! This 5-week virtual professional learning and coaching program is designed specifically for you.

  • Access it when your schedule allows!
  • Live weekly coaching hours
  • 5 self-paced modules
  • Private community
  • It’s time to nurture yourself 


Clarify your Role

In this module you will gain clarity around your role as ESL teacher within the wider context of your students’ schooling. You will prepare your “ESL elevator pitch” so others understand what you do (and DON’T!)


Communicate and organize.

Setting up processes to store and share data are essential for ESL teachers. We will show you tools to get, stay and keep organized. 


Content of ESL.

What to teach when you don’t have any guidance? We got you! How to plan considering the 4 domains of language, thematic units, use of standards and brain science-based methods of serving linguistically and culturally diverse learners.


Collaborate to advocate

We will explore the 4 types of collaboration and choose a method that works in your school. 


Connect with families

We take a 3-pronged approach to connecting with families with the ultimate goal of building lasting and symbiotic partnerships.



* ESL teachers who are new to the role

* Established ESL teachers who want more clarity and connection with others in their role

* ESL teachers who want to build high quality practices to put them in flow

* In a word.... YOU ;)




Today, I'm a wife, a mom of three and an educational consultant. But not too long ago I was a new ESL teacher, alone in a K-8 building, with a lot to figure out.

Over a twenty year career, I became a mentor teacher, an ESL coach and eventually led an ESL department of over 35 educators. During that time, I recognized the need for more a deeper sense of clarity and alignment in what we do. 

Today, I blend my Master's in neuropsychology with direct experience to support teachers just like you to gain the skills and confidence they need to become an Aligned ESL Teacher.

"The content was fantastic. I got so much out of it, even as a "veteran" EL Teacher. The Clarify Your Role Module was especially helpful for me as I am starting in new building and this gives me an opportunity to fine tune my practices. The ELD instruction module was also helpful as I plan units and stop chasing content. "

Lee G.


"Dana is a dynamic presenter. Her classes were well planned, thought out and delivered in a succinct and knowledgeable manner. Dana’s passion for her subject matter is second to none and contributes to her enthusiasm for her professional development opportunities."

Erin H.


"Dana's teaching style is engaging and fun! I especially appreciate the many helpful resources given to us as well. She is a skilled and knowledgable presenter!"

Kathy M.


"I am so grateful to Dana for bringing this group together. As a brand new ESL teacher, it was incredibly helpful to have Dana share her wealth of knowledge and have the support of other ESL educators. I gained clarity around my new role which increased my confidence."

Rebecca D.



We don't have the next round of The Aligned ESL Teacher Cohort scheduled just yet, but we promise, exciting things are in store!

Can't wait? Bring a private cohort to your district just for your team! Group pricing available. Email info@uprivereducation to learn more!



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